Aurora Expeditions is one of the leaders in small-group, expedition-style travel, and the company has been taking intrepid travelers to remote destinations around the world for more than 30 years. The tour operator aims to provide an experience where like-minded travelers can connect while enjoying unique experiences and activities in their own way.

The ships, Greg Mortimer and soon to be launched Sylvia Earle, are small in size, which means the travel experience is intimate and personalized. The small size also allows for flexibility in changing the course to explore opportunities that present themselves unexpectedly along the way, such as a wildlife display or an unforeseen opening for a shore excursion.

A unique product calls for a specific client, and if travel advisors aren’t completely familiar with the brand, it may not be easy to sell. Aurora Expeditions has an area on its website specifically for travel advisors which hosts all the latest information, resources, marketing tools and more.

It’s a place for agents to not only learn more about the company, but to inform clients and possibly inspire them to try something new and embark on an expedition to one of the world’s lesser-visited regions.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy on the travel industry, and it unfortunately brings on cancelations and rescheduled itineraries. Aurora Expeditions keeps travel advisors up to date with the latest voyage statuses in addition to the enhanced health and safety measures in place.

Kayaking in Port Lockroy. (photo via Aurora Expeditions)

On the website, travel advisors have access to ship details, including deck plans, cabin layouts, photos, itineraries and pricing information. Marketing assets are also available, from flyers and social media images to brochures and infographics.

Earlier this year, Aurora Expeditions invited travel advisors to learn more about its new Antarctica 2022-23 program and Arctic and Global 2022 program through a series of webinars which were recorded for agents to access at their convenience. Along with the passionate North America team, agents hear from special guest, glaciologist and geologist expert, Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj, and Product Manager, Mark Lee, who developed the Arctic and Global program.

In addition to webinars, the company’s BDMs stand ready and willing to assist advisors with whatever they might need, including training sessions and sales assistance.

This rendering shows the unique profile of Aurora Expeditions’ Sylvia Earle. (photo courtesy of Aurora Expeditions)

According to Aurora Expeditions, every adventure begins with travelers taking a step outside of their comfort zone. Introducing this product to your clients could be their first step towards embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime journey.,50648477.html

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