Covid-19 React WWE with a regular theme song

10 sec, The ThunderDome has been dismantled and a live audience will once again be in attendance at Money in the Bank 2021 and we have all the details on how you can watch the WWE’s latest big event online.–167935046/–167935119/–167935465/–167935046/–167935119/–167935465/–167935046/–167935119/–167935465/ 

Money in the Bank is an annual event put on by the WWE each July where the main attraction is the ladder matches. During these matches, ladders are placed all around the ring that wrestlers can use to fight one another though the end goal is to use one of the ladders to grab a briefcase hung from the ceiling.

Inside the briefcase is a contract for a world championship match that the winner can cash in at a time and place of their choosing anytime within the next year. However, if the contract isn’t used within this time period, it becomes void but thankfully this has never happened since the Money in the Bank ladder match was first introduced in 2005.

Besides the ladders, Money in the Bank is also the only pay-per-view event in the WWE with a regular theme song. In every event except for the first one, “Money in the Bank” written by former in-house WWE composer Jim Johnston has been played.

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