Dozens injured as police clash with protesters in Montenegro

Dozens injured as police clash with protesters in Montenegro Police dispersed hundreds of demonstrators gathered in historic city of Cetinje to block inauguration of new head of Serbian Orthodox Church in the tiny Balkans nation.

A man walks past burning tyres s at a barricade set up to block access roads to the historic city of Cetinje on September 5, 2021 in Montenegro. (AFP)

Montenegro police have used teargas against rock-throwing protesters during Sunday’s enthronement of a Serbian Orthodox Church cleric as the nation’s religious leader, with dozens reported injured.

The enthronement of Joanikije II at a monastery in the town of Cetinje has stirred divisions within Montenegro over ties with neighbouring Serbia.

Some people burned tyres and sat on roads.

Montenegro’s deputy police director Dragan Gorovic told state TV that 20 officers were hurt, while a state clinic in Cetinje said around 30 civilians sought help for injuries.

The protests reflect tensions in the Balkan country between those who advocate closer ties with Belgrade and others opposing any pro-Serb alliance.

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