India leads push back on coal in draft climate deal

Having heard from a wide number of countries, COP26 chairman Alok Sharma now has to decide how to take on board the range of comments that were made.

Most opinions were supportive of adopting the document, despite reservations.

“A good negotiation makes all parties uncomfortable”, as US special presidential envoy on climate John Kerry observed.

The most difficult task will be to decide what to do with India, who were very agitated about the issue of coal, arguing that it was not the place of the UN to dictate which energy source countries should use.

Brazil says the draft text reaches a “delicate balance” on key issues for an agreement to stand.

Their negotiator says the South American nation can accept the proposal as written and it will form the basis of their work against climate change in the years to come.

“They are not perfect, but they are workable”, he adds.

Brazil has been criticised historically for its role in the deforestation of the Amazon

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