Jets superfan Larry David curbs his enthusiasm for Buccaneers’ Tom Brady

Jets superfan Larry David curbs his enthusiasm for Buccaneers’ Tom Brady

Comedian Larry David fancies himself pretty the New York Jets enthusiast. Two years ago, he labored his fandom into an episode of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” And who can forget his look at Jets education camp in 2016? Per NJ Advance Media’s Darryl Slater:

David has publicly pleaded with Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to shave his beard. (Fitzpatrick without a doubt trimmed it down a chunk after saying he might don’t forget David’s request. Fitzpatrick stated he’s a big “Seinfeld” fan.) David has also (jokingly) stated, a couple of times, that he thinks he’d make an fantastic offensive or protecting coordinator for the Jets.

So does it come as any wonder that David wasn’t leaping for pleasure while he encountered Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady in advance this month at the Kentucky Derby? After all, Brady tortured the Jets for 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, at some stage in which he received six Super Bowls.

According to WEEI, FOX Sports anchor Charissa Thompson shared this tale at some stage in a recent “Calm Down Podcast” with colleague Erin Andrews:
we get withinside the elevator. The elevator’s packed. It’s that second where
you don’t know, must we look ahead to the subsequent one? Are we getting in? Is
every person going to be OK if we suck it in, like every person movements in? So
Larry, who hasn’t concept approximately any of this, he simply is going into the
elevator, however I’m like, OK. And we flip round and all of a sudden,
we’re dealing with the doorways and, like, up in opposition to the doorways, and I pay attention this
sultry, like tabasco, vanilla whiskey voice go, ‘Hello, Larry.’ And I
changed into like, flip round and this sexpot that changed into Tom Brady in sunglasses
and a Nick Fouquet hat, and I changed into like, ‘Holy s–t, I in no way concept this
man changed into hotter.’ And Larry is going, ‘Eh, Tom. Hey.’ And seems returned at the
elevator doorways and says not anything else. And, like, we stroll out, and, like,
Larry does his, like, shuffle. And so then Tom continues, whatever,
speakme to him or whatever. But I suppose why every person loves Larry is
Larry can’t be bothered, whether or not it’s Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos or every body in
between. He’s like, ‘Meh.’

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