Joe Biden rated by Americans in California

If I could go lower than F- I would,” John, a Floridian visiting the Golden State, told Fox News. “Between him, the CIA and their estimate of how long the Afghans would last, or even the military who apparently tried to train these people.”

It was just a disaster,” he continued.

Biden has faced intense criticism over how quickly the Taliban swept through Afghanistan, as well as for the chaos that ensued as tens of thousands of American citizens and Afghan nationals who supported the U.S. troops swarmed the Kabul airport seeking evacuation.

“Joe Biden’s a disaster. He’s been a disaster from day one,” one man, Mark, said. “We’re weak on foreign policy and can be easily taken advantage of.”

“It’s frightening,” he continued.

One California local told Fox News: “I’m pretty sure he’s trying to handle it very well.”

Tyler, a student at University of California, Santa Barbara said he was glad the U.S. was finally pulling its troops from Afghanistan after 20 years, but said the withdrawal could have been handled better.

“It was sort of a hasty pullout,” he told Fox News. “A lot of people there are going to suffer and I think that’s really sad.”

A number of people believed the chaotic outcome being witnessed was inevitable. 

“There’s no easy answer,” Fred, a longtime California resident, said. “It’s one of those messes, we never should have been in it.”

One man told Fox News: “Obviously the people in charge should be held responsible.”

But he added: “Joe is Joe … You’re not gonna get rid of the Joe just ’cause of a bad decision.” 

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