Marsha Blackburn on Afghanistan Evacuation Efforts

Today, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) shared a video slamming President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and demanded that the president and his advisers concoct a plan to evacuate all Americans and our allies from the Taliban-ruled nation.

In a video shared to Twitter, Blackburn lambasted Biden’s unorganized operation to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan that resulted in the Taliban recapture. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, as well as numerous political commentators and the like, have shredded Biden and his administration’s planning (or lack thereof) of the withdrawal.

“We’re really disappointed that the president did not have specifics on how we are going to get every single American out of Afghanistan. It is imperative,” Blackburn said in the video. “It is imperative that his national security team have a plan. Let the American people know.”

Blackburn continued, saying that the administration needs to put their focus into getting American citizens and our allies out via the Kabul airport as quickly as possible.

“Once we have U.S. citizens, our partners, our Afghan partners, get to the Kabul airport. Get them in. Get them processed. Get them out. Save their lives.”

Blackburn has been highly vocal and critical of Biden’s Afghanistan catastrophe in the past week, blasting him for not having a planned withdrawal, calling out Vice President Kamala Harris for remaining silent on women and girls in Afghanistan, and calling Biden out for his press conference where he spoke on mask mandates rather than the chaos ensuing in Afghanistan.

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