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The LA Lakers host the Miami Heat at Staples Center on Wednesday for a rematch of the 2020 NBA Finals. The Lakers have been underwhelming to begin the season, whereas the Heat have pleasantly surprised the NBA with their dominance so far. Heat vs Lakers Live Stream: how to watch NBA Basketball Online

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Miami Heat vs LA Lakers

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021; 10:00 PM ET

Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA.

The Miami Heat have been incredible to begin the season. They have seamlessly integrated Kyle Lowry into their system and there have been no chemistry issues to begin the season.

Head coach Erik Spoelstra has deployed incredible strategies on both ends of the floor. The Heat are fourth in offensive rating and fifth in defensive rating in the NBA this season.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Butler is gaining early MVP traction with his spectacular outings. He leads the team in points (24.7) and steals (2.3) and is second-highest in assists (5.2), rebounds (6.1) and blocks (0.3).

Butler is also third-highest in the NBA in steals and is 12th in points per game. Additionally, he is third in the NBA in PER (Player Efficiency Rating) and is leading the NBA in Win Shares and Offensive Win Shares.

While their performances have done most of the talking, an altercation during the Miami Heat’s last game against the Denver Nuggets certainly turned headlines. The incident saw Nikola Jokic shove Markieff Morris in the back during the final few minutes of regulation. Morris hard-fouled Jokic and the reigning MVP responded with a cheap shot of his own.

The Heat canceled their postgame press conference and coach Spoelstra called the play “dangerous, dirty” and also said it was “uncalled for.” Markieff Morris will undergo testing before the game against the LA Lakers.

We know Jimmy Butler is the Miami Heat’s best player and he will do his usual things but Tyler Herro is one of the reasons why the team is winning games. He runs the second unit and is making a strong case for this year’s Sixth Man of the Year award. The Miami Heat are 10th in the league in bench production and Herro is partly responsible for that.