The baby died in my arms

An Afghan interpreter who has worked with American forces witnessed the bombing at Kabul airport.

The man, who CBS News referred to as “Carl”, described how he helped care for a young girl who ultimately died in his arms.

“I just saw a lot of people got hurt and people that were laying on the ground.






The focus will be on getting those personnel there at the moment out. There is already a deadline of 31 August, the question this attack prompts is ‘Will that drawdown be speeded up?’.

A withdrawal brings greater risk: you have fewer troops on the ground, the worries will be over whether there will be another attack like this.

A US president has lots of tools at his disposal – drones, jets, B52 bombers – making sure that the US controls the skies over the airport to allow those last troops to leave. But this does raise questions as to whether they will speed up this exit. It was already on a fast track, it may now even be on a faster track because of what has happened.

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