The fast lane to vaccine passports

The fast lane to vaccine passports | Sheneman. Infection rates are dropping and vaccination rates are rising, but still we will reach a point where demand for the vaccine levels off and that is likely to be short of herd immunity. What then? How do we open with a mostly vaccinated population without putting vulnerable people at risk? The answer is some form of vaccine passport, but since this is 2021 and everything is awful, even something as innocuous as proof of vaccination is controversial.

The Venn diagram of people who refuse to get vaccinated and people who think vaccine passports are a secret government plot to track your movements looks like a circle. Masks are tyranny, vaccines are tyranny and vaccine passports are, you guessed it, tyranny. We know people oppose any form of vaccine passport because they post about it endlessly from their GPS-enabled cell phones.

I say we plow ahead on passports and wait for the incentive structure to kick in. Want to go to a Jets game? Get a vaccine. Want to eat indoors? Get a vaccine. There is the argument that requiring proof of vaccination for events and gatherings will cause people to turn to forgery and too that I say, yeah probably.

There will be a small subset of folks who refuse to get the jab for silly ideological reasons, but I’m betting there will be more who get stuck just to avoid the hassle. The vaccines are readily available at your local CVS and the Walgreens directly across the street from it. For the sizable population who haven’t gotten the shot because it’s inconvenient the barriers to entry are gone. If carrying around a vaccine passport, whether it be digital or analog, means I can move freely about the cabin, sign me up.

Much like the tale of Sisyphus, a former king forced to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity, the labor shortage is a myth. Right-wing media and Republican governors in the deep red regions are pointing furiously at the inability of employers to find workers at exploitation wages as proof that expanding unemployment benefits during a global pandemic was a socialist plot. It’s more of the same culture war nonsense that now forms the base of GOP ideology and it’s not true. There are plenty of workers tanned, rested and ready to renter the workforce…for a living wage.

If you cannot afford to pay your full-time employees a living wage you do not have a viable business plan. Nobody working a 40-hour week should need to have another job or side hustle to pay rent and put food on the table. If you can’t find workers to fill open positions, you aren’t paying enough.

Take the case of the Pennsylvania ice cream parlor that couldn’t find anyone to fill a number of open positions until it offered $15 an hour wage and received 1,000 applications. The rum raisin will probably cost 25 cents more but the shop is fully staffed and a bunch of people have good jobs making a decent wage. If Taco Bell is having trouble getting live bodies through the door maybe think about changing that dollar menu to the dollar-fifty menu and offer your workers a living wage.

The Colonial Pipeline Co., which has a crucial artery in the U.S. energy circular system, was hit by a Russian ransomware attack last week. The resulting shutdown sent several states into a tizzy resulting in the hoarding of gas in barrels, garbage bags, the cat’s dish and anything else that could feasibly hold liquid. The media focus has been on the ensuing shortage and hoarding, but the real issue is the vulnerability of our energy infrastructure both digital and analog. Also, no matter how bad a gas shortage gets, the answer is never to fill your bathtub with diesel.

This time around it was just some Russians looking to score some cryptocurrency by shaking down the pipeline operators but next time we might not be so lucky. Strange as it may seem, there are a few hostile foreign governments out there in the world who do not care for how the United States conducts itself. As this week’s episode shows, mess with the free-flowing gas spigot and we lose our damn minds. I’m sure this didn’t go unnoticed in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran or Pyongyang.

Our vital energy infrastructure is just as dependent on servers as it is on pipelines and it’s a lot easier surreptitiously to attack a server. If an enemy wants to mess with the fabric of American society while maintaining plausible deniability they need only pull at the string connecting us to gas and electricity.

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