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Traffic Summit – Be One Step go of the Digital Marketing


The two-day event is tailored to maintain the perfect balance between ingesting expert-level knowledge, diving into various networking opportunities, and enjoying world-class entertainment.

Traffic Summit will bring experts from all over the world together in Istanbul, on September 28-29.

Among the international experts who will speak at the Traffic Summit stage are Amin Siala, growth consultant, Google; Todor Minev, CEO of Hyperzon Inc.; Maor Benaim, Owner of Wolf Marketing; Zach Benson, Founder of Assistagram, and others.

Overall, the event will include:

  • Networking with 3500+, like-minded specialists;
  • Huge expo zone with 80+ booths from leading brands;
  • 30+ papers from the top-level speakers;
  • Mind-blowing parties;

Every attendee will find himself surrounded by the world’s top digital marketers representing lead generation, SMM, crypto, content marketing, SEO, performance marketing, and many other tracks of high demand.

At the end of the event, the organizers will hold a ceremony of handing rewards to the World Traffic Award winners. WTA is an international prize for truly outstanding reps of the digital industry. The first round is a selection by a vote among the community. Then, the organizers form the final shortlist including those who gained the most appreciation. The winners will be selected by the community.

The Traffic Summit team attaches great importance to choosing locations. On the first day of the event, the TS Expo will be held at one of the most gorgeous congress halls in Istanbul. On the day of the event, Haliç will turn into a digital universe with partners and exhibitors space, reports from the industry’s top names, photo zones, and lounges in the open air.

Are Today’s Marketers Ill-Equipped for AI?

AI is a revenue generator. According to PWC, AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030 – with $6.6 trillion likely to come from increased productivity.

But CMSWire recently reported that today’s marketing professionals remain widely unprepared and untrained for the advent of AI in their field.

It’s a sentiment echoed by Appen’s 2022 AI and Machine Learning Report, which found one of the biggest hurdles for AI in the enterprise is finding qualified talent who knows how to successfully implement it. Because as wonderful as it may be — AI still needs a human helping hand with 97% of respondents reporting that “human-in-the-loop evaluation is important for accurate model performance.”

5 Ways Marketers Can Upskill for the AI Economy

As CEO of the Institute for Global Futures, Dr. James Canton is a global futurist, social scientist, keynote presenter, and author of “Future Smart: Managing the Game-Changing Trends that will Transform Your World, The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World in the 21st Century and Techno Futures: How Leading-Edge Innovations Will Transform Business in the 21st Century.”

He offers five tips for marketers to help them better adapt to the AI Economy:

  1. AI for marketers is about understanding the marketing problem you trying to solve — so figure that out first.
  2. Ask yourself how smarter predictions and forecasts from using AI might make a difference in your marketing.
  3. Learn the general differences in business use cases of different types of AI including machine learning, deep learning, and neural nets.
  4. Build an AI best practices list of who is doing what in AI that is impactful on the market or customers.
  5. Find an AI nerd and take him or her to lunch to help you learn about how AI solutions could help you — and how AI nerds could benefit from marketers.










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