Trump Continues To Push Election Falsehoods

A day after being suspended from Facebook for another two years, former President Donald Trump returns to the political arena Saturday night, poised to get back into his comfort zone speaking from the kind of platform he seems to enjoy most.

During a presentation at the ISS Research and Development Conference Aug. 4, Jeff Manber, chief executive of Nanoracks, said his company has already lost business to China and its space station.

He’s making a speech before the North Carolina Republican Party convention, kicking off what’s likely to be a spree of summer campaigning. It’s his first public speech since his address at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

Trump called it “a great honor to be speaking” before the group.

“I understand the place will be packed, all records broken!” he boasted in an emailed statement.

In that statement, Trump also furthered falsehoods about voting in the 2020 election that he lost, and in response to Facebook’s announcement that he is banned until at least January 2023, he continued the lie that the election was “rigged.”

Trump was suspended and continues to be, Facebook said, because of the way he used the platform leading up to and during the violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Trump Continues To Push Election Falsehoods. Here’s Why That MattersTrump called the ruling “an insult” to the people who voted for him. But Trump’s reactions are no surprise. Re-litigating the election is what he has largely focused on since leaving office. That was evident in an NPR analysis of nearly two months of his statements.

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