World Cup 2022: Chance to ‘engage’ on human rights, FAW boss says

Amnesty International claim migrant workers are being exploited in Qatar building stadiums for the tournament.

Qatar’s government said it has “never shied away from acknowledging that its labour system is…a work in progress.

Asked what he would say to Wales’ LGBTQ+ fans who might want to travel to the World Cup, Mr Mooney said: “My advice would be that they should go to the match, to the games and follow us in Qatar at the World Cup.

“We’ll make sure that whatever we have to do to protect people is in place.

“This is an opportunity, rather than being negative about it, we see it as an opportunity to engage, to give our view of how people should be treated to them,” he added.

The Qatar government said: “Qatar rejects Amnesty’s assertion that labour reforms have not translated into changes on the ground for hundreds of thousands of migrant workers.

“Every year, more companies are held accountable for violating the law.

“Systemic reform is a long-term process and shifting the behaviour of every company takes time.In a wide-ranging interview with Politics Wales, Mr Mooney also said he could see a “tension” between comments made by the FAW around Ryan Giggs’ involvement in the Wales squad.

The Wales manager will stand trial in January, accused of assault, as well as coercive and controlling behaviour. He denies the charges.

Asked if he could see a tension between the FAW and Page’s comments around whether Ryan Giggs was involved in the squad or not, Mr Mooney replied: “I can see how there would be a tension on it, yeah, I can see how there is.”
Mr Mooney said the FAW would be “getting really close to that [equal pay] if not full parity on pay in the next year or so.”

He said the FAW “significantly increased” the pay for women’s internationals and they “now use the same pitches, the same chartered flights, the same chefs, in fact they’ve got additional care”.

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