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How to watch NFR 2019 Live Stream Las Vegas National Finals Rodeo Online TV. When talking about 2019 Rodeo is basically it basically refers to an annual National Finals Rodeo event that is meant to happen on Thursday, December 5th to the Saturday 14th at the Thomas and Mack Center which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Additionally, the scheduled event is supposed to cover about Bareback Riding, Barrel Racing, Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping and Time-down Roping. Importantly, NFR live stream 2019. The NFR is shaping up to be one of the most competitive and entertaining rodeos that the world has ever seen. The top cowboys in the world will be putting their boots on and taking each other on to try and claim a world championship in their respective events. Mark your calendars and make sure you do not miss out on a single second of action this December.

Watch NFR 2019 Live Stream Online

NFR 2019 Live Stream

Long before the Dallas Cowboys were winning Super Bowls in American football, real-life cowboys were competing in the “Super Bowl of Rodeo” in Dallas, Texas as early as 1959. The seven-competition tradition began there, but also saw stops in Los Angeles, California from 1962 to 1964, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from 1965 to 1984, and finally to its current location of Las Vegas since 1985. It wasn’t until 2001 that the event received its first major sponsor in the form of Wrangler, an American-based jean manufacturer that specializes in jeans fit for rodeo use.

Rodeo fans are eagerly waiting to see the NFR live stream. The National Finals Rodeo is not the only showcase of the best cowboys but also showcase of patience, bravery and spurs.
National Finals Rodeo 2019 Venue Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV, United States
Start Date Thursday, 5th December 2019
End Date Saturday, 14th December 2019
Broadcast CBS Sports Networks
Live Stream Watch Here

So, don’t miss a single moment of the WNFR live action. Don’t worry, If you can’t attend in Las Vegas NFR, we’ll discuss here how to watch National Finals Rodeo online real-time TV coverage.

Where will the NFR Las Vegas 2019 be held?

All of the NFR’s main performances will take place at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada Normally home of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) college basketball team, this venue can seat up to 20,000 people and is consistently sold out for the NFR
What TV Channel will the NFR be on?

The entirety of the NFR’s main performances will air live on the CBS Sports Network from December 6th to December 15th beginning at 700PM (PT) every night Because this is an exclusive deal between the network and the PRCA, the NFR will not be shown on any other TV network during the 10-day period
2019 Wrangler NFR Broadcast Schedule Episode Air Date Air Time Encore Date Encore Time
Wrangler NFR #4 Dec 8 10 pm ET Dec 9 1 am ET
Wrangler NFR #5 Dec 9 10 pm ET Dec 10 1 am ET
Wrangler NFR #6 Dec 10 10 pm ET Dec 11 1 am ET
Wrangler NFR #7 Dec 11 10 pm ET Dec 12 1 am ET
Wrangler NFR #8 Dec 12 10 pm ET Dec 13 1 am ET
Wrangler NFR #9 Dec 13 10 pm ET Dec 14 1 am ET
Wrangler NFR #10 Dec 14 10 pm ET Dec 15 1 am ET

National Finals Rodeo Live Stream on CBS
How to watch NFR Live Stream 2019 Online

If one is unable to watch the Pro Rodeo live via TV, streaming could be a viable option instead The only official streaming service for the NFR is Pro Rodeo TV and it will stream all of the NFR’s main performances concurrently with the CBS Sports Network’s broadcast, beginning at 700PM (PT) For those who happen to miss the broadcast in its entirety or specific portions of it, the Pro Rodeo TV streaming service allows for on-demand viewing 12 hours after the conclusion of the CBS Sports Network TV broadcast Two out of the service’s three subscription types allow for the viewing of this year’s NFR competition

Annual Subscription ($7999/year for a limited time)
Wrangler NFR Subscription ($7999 one-time fee)
    Allows for live viewing access or on-demand viewing access This subscription allows for on-demand access to all of the NFR 2018’s performances through January 1st of the following calendar year

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2019 Las Vegas
National Finals Rodeo live stream (Different channel)

NFR streaming is available in real time for international customers For US customers, NFR streaming is available domestically 12 hours after the CBS Sports Network broadcast has concluded ProRodeoTVcom stream for this event is exclusively available in Canada and around the world Viewers in the US can watch live on CBS Sports Network and on-demand the following day at ProRodeoTVcom
Wrangler Network

Wrangler Network rolled out at the 2013 (NFR) National Finals Rodeo, the network made its official release in 2014 for those who live and love the Western lifestyle The Wrangler Network offers live coverage of rodeos from across the United States along with highlights and statistics from bull-riding competitions and other events For fans of country music, the network offers videos and songs from some of the most well-known singers In addition to live streaming rodeos, there are many other exciting and unique events you can find on the Wrangler Network including

Cowboy-Mounted Shooting Contests


Annual Subscription – Includes Wrangler NFR ($7900) – Provides unlimited access to audio/video for one year from the date of purchase For your convenience, annual subscriptions renew until cancelled at $7999, regardless of usage Annual subscriptions include regular season and NFR live streaming, and tape-delayed coverage of the current year’s National Finals Rodeo

Monthly Subscriptions ($999) Provides unlimited access to audio/video, from the date of purchase For your convenience, all monthly subscriptions automatically renew each month until cancelled, regardless of usage Monthly subscriptions do not include access to Wrangler NFR live streaming or archive access of the current year’s Wrangler NFR

If you’re not heading to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada at NFR week, get all the details you need to watch every second of the action LIVE including start times, contestant rosters, and other exciting events going on during the NFR finals that you can catch with a premium subscription to FloRodeo Sign up to watch the National Finals Rodeo and all of the other FloRodeo live and on-demand
CBS Sports Network

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo begins on Thursday, and CBS Sports Network will be there for all of it The 10-round event will go on from Dec 5-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada and will feature the top 15 contestants in everything from bull riding to steer wrestling Contestants are seeking $10 million in prize money at the Thomas & Mack Center The CBS Sports Network broadcast schedule for NFR is nightly at 7 pm PT/10 pm ET
The Cowboys Channel

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) move to The Cowboy Channel (TCC) and RFD-TV beginning in 2020 The ultimate annual rodeo event will now be seen by millions of people live simultaneously on two national TV networks Also included in the deal is a wide variety of other PRCA programming, including expanded live coverage of the PRORODEO TOUR and the PRCA’s Xtreme Bulls Tour events which will result in a huge increase in the amount, availability and quality of PRCA PRORODEO coverage on The Cowboy Channel here
2019 NFR Live Stream Using a VPN

Some countries will not allow the viewing of certain websites and can block them based on the location gathered from an individual’s IP address In these situations, a reliable and encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) can prove to be helpful A VPN will allow an individual to remotely connect to a server located in a different country that allows the desired website viewing to take place The following VPNs can prove to be very useful

    This source offers a selection of servers that spans over 90 countries Currently, they offer monthly ($1295/month), semi-annual ($5995/6-months), and annual ($9995) plans Included with each plan is the offer of a 30-day money back guarantee in the event that a user is dissatisfied

    The offering from this source includes servers that span over 60 countries The current subscription plans consist of monthly ($10/month), quarterly ($2699/3-months), and annual ($7799/year) options Included with each plan is the offer of a 7-day money back guarantee in the event that a user is dissatisfied

    While maintaining a selection of servers that spans over 60 countries, this VPN source currently has subscription plans that consist of monthly ($1195/month), semi-annual ($54/6-months), annual ($8388/year), and bi-annual ($9575/2-years) options

NFR Free Streaming Services 2019

While there are no “official” ways to view the NFR live stream for free without cable, there are several ways that one could go about still tapping into other resources to create a temporary viewing experience without incurring an extra cost While it may take some combination of luck and signing up for particular services close to the time of the event just to cancel them shortly after, the efforts can still be made nonetheless The following are some platforms where these strategies could be useful

FuboTV is a sports-centric streaming service It offers a 7-day free trial and costs $1999 for the first month before jumping up to $4499 a month It includes a live feed of Fox in dozens of markets
DirecTV Now

Allows for the viewing of over 65 live channels at $40/month In order to take advantage of the free possibilities, one would have to sign up and receive the free 7-day trial If timed properly, one could watch the majority of the NFR during the free trial period and cancel free of charge prior to the trial’s expiration
Sling TV

Sling TV does not cover CBS or any other local broadcast station such as ABC, Fox, or NBC As a result, this would not be a viable option for viewing the NFR since the events are primarily broadcast through CBS Sports Network
Hulu TV

Allows for the viewing of over 50 live channels at $3999/month In order to take advantage of the free possibilities, one would have to sign up and receive the free 7-day trial Once the trial is up, one could cancel the service free of charge
YouTube TV

Allows for the viewing of over 50 live channels at $40/month In order to take advantage of the free possibilities, one would have to sign up and receive the free 7-day trial Once the trial is up, one could cancel the service free of charge
PlayStation Vue

Allows for the viewing of over 75 channels at $4999/month In order to take advantage of the free possibilities, one would have to sign up and receive the free 5-day trial Once the trial is up, one could cancel the service free of charge

CBS Sports has the latest NFR news, live scores, player stats, standings, fantasy games, and projections
CBS All Access

CBS Sports has the latest NFR news, live scores, player stats, standings, fantasy games, and projections CBS made a few online games available for free last season and might do so again this year, but most of its games will also require a cable or satellite subscription Stream NFR live on CBS with CBS Sports! Subscribers can watch their LIVE local games for free – just sign in with your TV Provider credentials
How you can Tune In NFR 2019

You can watch the Wrangler NFR live stream on your local CBS Sports Network You can also watch the rodeo on Pro Rodeo TV as well Make sure that you watch every single night from December 6th to December 15th as you will not want to miss any of the incredible cowboys With 6 exciting events happening every night, there is something for every fan
NFR Live Online on Social Media

One increasingly popular method of viewing NFR live stream comes in the form of social media viewing The way this typically works is through an individual using their mobile device to live stream the event to a social media platform of their choosing The most popular platforms for this method are as follows


The most popular video-sharing site on the planet has historically built its name upon uploaded videos However, the site now allows live-streaming capabilities, making it perfect for free viewing of live events such as NFR, as long as a streaming user can be found

Various individual accounts or pages are bound to be streaming the NFR events Interested individuals will have to search for these opportunities throughout the platform as it gets closer to the festivities

This platform has increasingly become the go-to place for action as it happens in real-time That makes it a prime destination when searching for all things related to NFR A quick search bar or hashtag follow will almost assuredly lead to the discovery someone streaming the NFR

Mainly known as a news aggregation site, this platform has increasingly become a well-known discussion forum hub Within those forums, there is undoubtedly discussion concerning how to watch the NFR events

How much are tickets to the NFR?

National Finals Rodeo Tickets have been placed on this website by our trusted brokers, who offer those tickets in a range of values Have a look at all the ticket prices and select the tickets which best suit your budget The average price of these tickets is $61 and the get in price is $50
Everything You Need to Know About NFR

Beyond the payouts for the Cowboys, the PRCA estimates that the event brings in about $90 million annually to the Las Vegas economy Furthermore, recent attendance stats have shown that 177,565 rodeo enthusiasts decked out in Wrangler jeans, Justin boots and cowboy hats attended events at the Thomas & Mack with an additional 40,000 fans who watched at the 40 hotels who hosted watch parties It is during this rare time of the year that many marquees on the Strip have the face of bull riders replace DJs’ faces
Main Performance

Seven main events have historically taken place at the NFR Each event has its own monetary prizes that are paid out, and those payouts are determined by each top-placing competitor’s rank in relation to the event’s overall prize pool Individuals placed in the top-six of a particular event are paid out accordingly, while individuals placed in the top-eight of the overall NFR are also paid out The NFR’s main events are as follows

Bareback Riding

This consists of a horseback cowboy using a bareback rigging as the primary means of staying on top of the horse This grip has often been compared to the equivalent of hanging on to a suitcase handle and makes for the only support that a cowboy has on top of the wildly bucking horse An 8-second ride constitutes a qualified ride and the cowboys is judged on riding technique
Steer Wrestling

This act involves a horseback steer wrestler, alternatively known as a “bulldogger”, bringing a fast-moving steer to a halt on its back as fast as possible The bulldogger utilizes a combination of strength, technique, speed, and precision to jump off of their horse from a designated starting point and onto a steer sprinting off from the same starting point
Team Roping

One of two horseback team members whose job is to successfully rope the head of the steer in one of three tries as fast as possible; around both horns, around one horn and the head, or around the neck

One of two horseback team members whose job is to successfully rope the hind legs of the steer as soon as the header has successfully done their part To avoid a 5-second penalty for roping only one hind leg, the heeler must rope both hind legs
Saddle Bron Riding

Similar to Bareback Riding, the goal of the horseback cowboy is to maintain their balance as much as possible for 8 seconds while the horse is bucking In this event, however, the cowboy sits on a saddle while using one hand to hold on to a thick rein that’s attached to the horse’s halter
Tie-Down Roping

This event centers around a cowboy on horseback attempting to restrain a calf by throwing a well-timed rope loop that’s attached to the cowboy’s horse The cowboy and the calf both leave from a designated starting point, with the calf getting a slight head-start The cowboy depends on the horse to mitigate any slack in the rope after dismounting, then proceeds to tie-up the calf as fast as possible
Barrel Racing

This is a women’s event where horseback cowgirls race against the clock to complete a strategically set course where barrels are set up as landmarks The intent is for the cowgirls to complete a cloverleaf-shaped run around 3 barrels placed in a triangular formation as fast as possible Barrels that are accidentally knocked over result in 5-second penalties
Bull Riding

The cowboy on top of the bull has the main objective of staying on top and maintaining their balance for 8 seconds They are judged based on technique and can earn extra points by spurring while the bull is bucking The cowboy stays on top of the bull by grasping a flat braided rope, which also wraps around the bull’s chest
All-Around Champion

Being crowned the All-Around Champion speaks volumes about the versatility and high level of talent exhibited by the winning cowboy  In order to receive this honor, the cowboy must have won the most prize money in a given year and competed in at least 2 NFR events while earning at least $3,000 in each of those events This is widely known as the highest honor bestowed by the PRCA


There are 120 cowboys from all over the United States that will step foot as competitors within the NFR A full list of the contestants can be found on the event’s Contestant Roster page The top 10 ranked competitors are as follows

Tuf Cooper – Tie-Down Roping
Trevor Brazile – Tie-Down Roping
Sage Kimzey – Bull Riding
Tim O’Connell – Bareback Riding
Jacobs Crawley – Saddle Bronc Riding
Caleb Bennett – Bareback Riding
Ryder Wright – Saddle Bronc Riding
Rhen Richard – Team Roping (Header)
Shane Hanchey – Tie-Down Roping
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi – Barrel Racing

Super Bowl of Rodeo

The NFR has consistently been referred to with this phrase because of the sheer massiveness of its popularity and money-generating power within the context of rodeo The event is considered to be so big and consistently sold-out that the UNLV basketball team that normally uses the NFR’s venue during the season has to annually build its schedule in a way that keeps the team on the road for the duration of the NFR festivities
Miss Rodeo America

This event is a pageant that takes place in conjunction with the NFR as part of the NFR’s overall festivities State rodeo queen winners from across the United States compete for the Miss Rodeo America crown and put themselves in line to potentially win $20,000, among other smaller prizes In addition to the prizes, the winner is expected to travel to various rodeos throughout the United States and to promote the rodeo during the subsequent year
Wrangler NFR Preshow

The former Miss Rodeo America titleholder is no stranger to the excitement of the “Super Bowl” of Western competition, with six years of WNFR reporting under her belt She is most excited about bringing the pre-show to the fans Be prepared for this Wrangler NFR Preshow, don’t miss a single moment of the Pro Rodeo live action
2019 Wrangler NFR Preshow Schedule Episode Air Date Air Time
Wrangler NFR Preshow #4 Dec 8 930 pm ET
Wrangler NFR Preshow #5 Dec 9 930 pm ET
Wrangler NFR Preshow #6 Dec 10 930 pm ET
Wrangler NFR Preshow #7 Dec 11 930 pm ET
Wrangler NFR Preshow #8 Dec 12 930 pm ET
Wrangler NFR Preshow #9 Dec 13 930 pm ET
Wrangler NFR Preshow #10 Dec 14 930 pm ET
Cowboy Christmas

For those that need a break from the constant adrenaline that comes with the NFR’s main events, the Cowboy Christmas experience allows for a welcomed change of pace This portion of NFR centers around cowboy shopping and serves as a marketplace for hundreds of exhibitors from the United States and Canada to sell to thousands of eager buyers Typically taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, shoppers can find anything such as customized jewelry, western wear, boots and spurs, furniture, original art, handmade crafts and pottery, etc

The 2018 PRCA season has been extremely competitive as a lot of the top cowboys are gunning for glory Tuf Cooper sits atop of the all-around standings and many experts believe that he is going to win his second all-around title in a row There will be a lot of close competitions and many of the world championships could come down to the last day You can check the current standings here
NFR Prize Money

The total payout for the entire event is $10 million and will remain at that amount until 2019 After that, the amount will be adjusted and remain in place for the subsequent five years All 120 qualifying contestants receive $10,000 as part of participating This year’s detailed payout structure can be found on the PRCA’s 2019 Wrangler NFR Payoff page
NFR Winners 2018

2018 All Around World Champion
Trevor Brazile

The 2018 NFR World Champions

Bareback Riding
Tim O’Connell

Steer Wrestling
Tyler Waguespack

Team Roping (Header)
Clay Smith

Team Roping (Heeler)
Paul Eaves

Saddle Bronc Riding
Wade Sundell

Tie-Down Roping
Caleb Smidt

Barrel Racing
Hailey Kinsel

Bull Riding
Sage Kimzey
Final Words

All in all, the National Finals Rodeo is a landmark event and a de facto defining period of time within any given rodeo year For anyone who is a fan of rodeo, the main events and the surrounding festivities are must-see events and must-participate experiences if the financial means allow for it Don’t miss a minute of the exhilarating NFR live stream action this year from December 5th until December 14th

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