National Police Association slams Jan. 6 probe as ‘dog and pony show,’ calls for investigation of Floyd riots

The National Police Association on Wednesday slammed Congress’ investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as a politically motivated “dog and pony show” that has no intention of uncovering the truth of what really happened that day. In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, association spokeswoman Betsy Brantner Smith, a retired police sergeant who […]


Ted Cruz’s question about China sanctions silences Biden intel official during testimony

Sen. Ted. Cruz was met with silence during a congressional hearing when he grilled a panel of cybersecurity officials on why China was not sanctioned after the attack on Microsoft and other U.S. companies. “Let me ask anyone on the panel,” Cruz said Tuesday during the hearing, directing his question at three witnesses. “Do you […]


‘I don’t feel any fear going out.’ How residents are living in America’s most vaccinated state

Burlington, Vermont (CNN)The sweaty Lindy Hoppers stood in a circle clapping to a hard-driving beat — switching partners and laughing on the ballroom floor of The Champlain Club in Vermont’s largest city. They clasped hands and rock stepped and spun in and out of quick embraces to swinging jazz rhythms on one of the last […]


The explosive Brexit spat that no one is talking about could slam the UK economy

Boris Johnson has spent decades agitating against the European Union and the last five years battling to free the United Kingdom from the shackles of regulation from Brussels. Now he’s in the awkward position of finding himself at the mercy of EU leaders for permission to rejoin an international treaty, or risk devastating Britain’s multi-billion-dollar […]


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It’s hard for an exoplanet to establish itself in a neighborhood built around not one but two stars. But astronomers have spotted plenty of such alien worlds, sometimes nicknamed “Tatooines” after the “Star Wars” planet where Luke Skywalker watches a double sunset. In new research, scientists tackle how a planet might survive orbiting one star in a […]