Pizza for Italy and Dracula for Romania. South Korean broadcaster apologizes for its Olympic ‘inexcusable mistake’

Seoul, South Korea (CNN)The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony is a gratuitously enjoyable affair, with bulging muscles and beaming athletes proudly walking the Parade of Nations — and into our hearts. The made-for-TV spectacle is an entry way for some viewers to learn more about countries and athletes that they are less familiar with. But in […]


Australia once reveled in being the ‘lucky country’ on Covid-19. Now weary Aussies ‘feel like prisoners’

London (CNN)A postcard of kangaroos lounging among gumtrees arrives in our letterbox in London, addressed to my 4-year-old daughter. “My darling,” it says. “How are you? Are you enjoying school? Do you have friends? Your brother is one year old now. I hope you can come and see me in Australia one day. I love […]


WATCH: Brevard Law Enforcement, First Responder Appreciation Day and BBQ Set July 25 at Kiwanis Island Park

DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THOSE WHO LAY THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR YOU ABOVE VIDEO: President of Back Brevard Heroes Sherri Centore, VP of Kimberley Tucker and Treasurer Jennifer Parrish discuss the second annual Brevard County Law Enforcement and First Responder Appreciation Day and Bar-B-Que will be held Sunday, […]


CNN panel agrees Hunter Biden art sales are a ‘huge’ optics, ethics issue: ‘Obviously, this is a problem’

A CNN panel reacted to Hunter Biden’s plans to meet with potential buyers of his new artwork in New York City and Los Angeles, where his art could be sold for upwards of $500,000, calling it an “ethics problem.” White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended Biden’s new venture on Thursday, arguing that because the […]