Jersey City candidate forums are scheduled

The Journal Square Community Association will be hosting three Jersey City candidate forums, starting with a Ward C event Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon at the HCCC Student Center, 81 Sip Ave. (second floor). A forum for at-large council candidates will be held on Oct. 2, from 10 a.m. to noon, at a venue that has not yet been determined. Mayoral candidates will meet Oct. 16, 10 a.m.-noon at the HCCC Student Center.

The meetings will also be livestreamed on the Journal Square Community Association Facebook page.

Is it expected to that only challengers Kevin Bing and Tom Zuppa will participate in the Ward C event Saturday.

There are seven at-large candidates: Incumbents Daniel Rivera and Joyce Watterman and challengers Amy DeGise, Rolando Lavarro Jr., Chris Gadsden, June Jones and Elvin Dominici.

A Woodbridge police officer got into a crash with another vehicle on Sunday while racing to help a baby choking on Greek yogurt, officials said.

A different police officer was able to reach the 8-month-old child, who is OK, according to Woodbridge Chief Law Enforcement Officer Scott Kuzma.

The collision between a marked patrol car and a sport utility vehicle took place around 6:35 p.m. at the intersection of Port Reading Avenue and Rahway Avenue, Kuzma said.

The officer had a cut on his hand, while the other driver complained of pain, police said.

The Middlesex Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the crash. A prosecutor’s office spokesman didn’t respond to a request for information.

Hoboken bassist, world-renowned jazz collective release 4-song suite | Testa

Like a host of young musicians, Jared Michael Nickerson came to Hoboken in the early ‘80s looking for fame and fortune. Instead, he found a home.

Nearly 40 years later, Nickerson still lives in the Washington Street apartment he inherited from one of Maxwell’s original deejays. And while Human Switchboard, the band that brought him east from Ohio, broke up decades ago, Nickerson’s bass has backed superstars like Bernie Worrell, The The, Melvin Van Peebles, and Marshall Crenshaw.

His primary gig, though, has been a long and fulfilling career as one of the founding members of Burnt Sugar: The Arkestra Chamber, the world-renowned improvisational jazz collective that releases the four-song suite “Angels Over Oakanda” on Thursday, Sept. 16.

“Angels Over Oakanda” by Burnt Sugar: The Arkestra Chamber is due out digitally and on CD on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021.

Nickerson formed Burnt Sugar with former Village Voice critic Greg “Ironman” Tate in 1999. Over the years, dozens of jazz greats have passed through its ranks, and that’s been by design.

“You see, tax-wise, we can’t be an employer, so everybody’s an independent contractor,” Nickerson explained. “Which means we have to ask them if they would like to play when we have a gig or a recording session. And so because of that, we can’t say, well, you have two bands, but you have to make our gig. We can’t do that. So we just call somebody else. And we’ve kind of been blessed. Because of the original talent level of players that Greg and I recruited, word got out and started to attract a Who’s Who of the New York free music scene. And it’s just built from that. We’ve never had a problem finding great players who were interested in doing what we do.”

And what exactly is that? Ornette Coleman called it “the art of the improvisers,” but composer/conductor Lawrence “Butch” Morris codified it into what came to be known as the Conduction System for Ensemble.

“Other people used the conduction method but usually with classical orchestras or pan flute ensembles and things like that, and Greg wanted to bring it into the electric Miles Davis sound,” Nickerson said. “And so he called a jam session. The first session was me and (pianist) Vijay Iyer and about six or seven really, really, really excellent musicians. Greg wanted to see what we’d find if we basically just followed his hand signals to make music. Our first gigs were at CBGG Underground and they went really, really well. And then a few weeks later, we went into the studio and cut the first record.”

Jared Michael Nickerson of Hoboken, third from left, and Burnt Sugar: The Arkestra Chamber are releasing a new album this week, “Angels Over Oakanda.” (Photo by Simone Cassas)

“Angels Over Oakanda,” the new release, stems from a 22-minute instrumental session recorded in 2018 with an ensemble that included 10 musicians, including saxophones, trumpet, organ and electric guitar, with Nickerson on bass and Tate as conductor. Later, supplemental material was created in the home studios of saxophonist V. Jeffrey Smith and flutist Satch Hoyt.

The 18-minute title track is essentially an edited mix of the group’s 2018 session. The other tracks were Frankenstein’d together in the studio.

“Repatriation of the Midnight Moors inna Oakanda” is a 12-minute beat-and-bass remix of the “Oakanda” suite produced, composed and arranged by longtime Burnt Sugar guest drummer and arrangement collaborator, Marque Gilmore.

Nickerson produced the third track, “Oakanda Overdrive,” by cutting and pasting bits and pieces of the session along with his own inventive bass playing and sax parts from V. Jeffrey Smith, in whose studio the track was assembled.

The final (and only vocal) track, “Lisala Over inner-Oakanda,” showcases Burnt Sugar singer Lisala Beatty.

“We sent Lisala all the tracks to see if anything would resonate with her, and there was one little part of ‘Midnight Moors’ that she took and sampled,” Nickerson said. “Then Greg wrote some lyrics, and Lisala took those and created the vocal melodies and did all the vocal harmonies. It really sounds amazing.”

Tate came up with the doubled-edged title, both riffing on the fictional country of Wakanda from Marvel’s “Black Panther” as well as a slang term for Oakland, California.

“Greg is kind of an encyclopedia that way,” Nickerson said. “Of course, people are going to think of the ‘Black Panther’ movie, and then your mind goes back to the original Black Panthers. And where were they from? Oakland.”

“Angels Over Oakanda” will be released on CD and digitally.

“We wanted this to be our first vinyl release, but as you’ve probably heard, vinyl production is extremely backed up because of the pandemic,” Nickerson said. “The production plants told us the earliest they could deliver something was early next summer, 2022, and we didn’t want to wait that long. So, what we’re going to do is put a few alternative mixes and remixes up on Bandcamp for people to download, along with offering the CD.”

The band plans to release additional remixes culled from the 2018 session throughout 2021.

While Burnt Sugar hasn’t scheduled any live dates yet, Nickerson will be filling in on bass when The Bongos perform at Montclair’s Outpost In The Burbs on Sunday, Sept. 19. Tickets are available at outpost

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